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Scott H. Martyn
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British Census Records

Census records are grouped by year and ordered by location within year. The format of the names varies by census, however all names begin with the census year, "England", then the county name followed by the parish or village name.

Census Records - 1841

Image file   1841_england_devon_clovelly_11_01 - Includes William Pennington with his wife Jane and their children John, Oliver, Rosanna, Ann and Thomas.

Census Records - 1851

Image file   1851_england_devon_alwington_3_12 - Includes Richard Pennington and his wife Charlotte, John Flexman and his wife Elizabeth.

Image file   1851_england_devon_clovelly_2a_30 - Includes John Pennington, his wife Ann and sons John and William.

Image file   1851_england_devon_clovelly_2b_02 - Includes William Pennington with his wife Jane and their children Rosannah, Ann and Thomas plus visitor William Pennington

Image file   1851_england_devon_woolfardisworthy_bideford_1a_14 - Includes Francis Corey, wife Elizabeth Corey and granddaughters Susan Prouse, Huldah Corey and Charlot Prouse.

Image file   1851_england_devon_woolfardisworthy_bideford_1a_17 - Includes William Pennington, wife Mary and children Charlote, Thomas, John and Oliver. Also includes Joseph Braund, wife Elizabeth and children Mitilda, Elizabeth and William.

Image file   1851_england_devon_woolfardisworthy_bideford_1a_20 - Includes William Grigg, wife Catherine, children William and Richard and Father-in-law Thomas Adams.  Also includes visitor Edward Grigg.

Census Records - 1861

Image file   

Census Records - 1871

Image file   

Census Records - 1881

Image file   

Census Records - 1891

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Census Records - 1901

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