Robert Sanderson, Sr., married Nancy Johnson and came from Thessalon, Ontario, in 1885. They settled 2 miles north and 3 miles west with their family of 9 children: Margaret, Robert, John, William, James, Edward, Thomas, Walter, and Lydia (who died at 19). Robert and his wife, Nancy are buried in Bethel Cemetery.

MARGARET married Joseph Thompson and had 7 children: Frank, Robert, Rose, Nancy and Anna (twins), Bella and Ida. Frank went back to Canada. Robert married Gertrude Harrison and has one daughter, Audrey. Audrey married Roland Hill, Jr., and has three children: Karen Sue, Rose and Nancy are deceased. Anna, Bella, and Ida live in St. Ignace in the Medical Care Unit.

ROBERT, JR., was born in Ashfield, Ontario, in 1855. He married Jemina Fisher in 1881 and came here in 1885 to settle in Strongville, about midway between Pickford and Rudyard. He was a Methodist local preacher on the Pickford Circuit. He died a young man and was butied from Bethel Church in the Bethel Cemetery. They had 7 children: Fisher Robert John, Amanda (Mts. Arthur Everett), Rose (Mrs. Chester Monck, deceased), Pearl, Leoline (Mrs. Hugh Kerr, deceased), Nina, and George Wellington.

JOHN and his wife, Maria, had 9 children: John, Jr., Herb, Jim, Agnes, Mable, George, Adaline, Edith, and Myrtle. One died young.

WILLIAM and his wife never had any children.

JAMES married Mary Kelly and had two boys and one girl: Maggie, Russell, and Westly.

EDWARD married Mrs. Nellie Kemp and never had children.

THOMAS married Emma Graham and had three boys and one girl: Merle, Omar, Creighton, and Bill. Merle married Harry Draper and their children are Maxine (Mrs. Ralph Lowe), Betty (Mrs. Barry Thompson), Rosemary (Mrs. Charles Lewis), and married Margaret Gladden and has two children, Terry and Pamela*. Later Merle married August Kiefer. Omar married Ruth Sentz and they have Karen (Mrs. Tom Moore), Peter and Michael. Creighton married Gayle Baker and they have three children: Randall, who married Beatrice Gough and they have five children. Loraine married Howard Pope and thye have four children: Howard, Jr., Stewart, Charlyn, and Steve. Lyndell Kangas had one daughter, JoAnn. She later married Arnold Braun. She died April 3, 1967. Norma married Mike Amarose and they have five children: Ann (Mrs. Schwiderson) who has two boys, Jim and Joel. Bill married Valarie Walker. Bill, Sr., died in September, 1972.

WALTER and his wife, Victoria Pettigrew, had three girls and one boy: Reta, Lydia, Harold and Mable, as well as two children who died young.


William John Shobbrook came to the Pickford area from Goderich, Ontario, in 1882 and lived in the community of Stirlingville. Later they homesteaded the farm east of Pickford, owned later by John T. Shobbrook.

William John and his wife, Martha Reid Shobbrook, had six children: William, Mary, Aseneth, Minnie, Charles, and John.

JOHN T. SHOBBROOK married Eda Eveleigh and homesteaded the farm that his father homesteaded. They had four children: Cecil W., Clifford Reid (deceased 1909), Charles Russell. and William John.

Cecil married Jean Sims and they had two children, Joel and Janet. Joel married Sheila Sayers.

Charles Russell married Kathrun Smith nad they have two girls, Elaine and Carol.

William John married Ellen Wilson and had one daughter, Geraldine. Geraldine married David Hewer and they have two sons, Thomas and Joel*. He is a major in the army stationed in the South.


The Sims family came to North America from Scotland and Wales - Andrew from Scotland and his wife, Mary, from Wales. Andrew was born in 1825 and died in 1896. Mary was born in 1826 and died in 1925 at the age of 99. She crossed the ocean when she was 6 years old and it took six weeks to make the voyage in a sailing vessel.

They came to Michigan from Waterloo County, Ontario, about 1878 and took up a homestead in Stalwart. They had 11 children who were all born in Canada. Three of the boys, Ceorge, Alex, and Robert and two girls, Lizzie and Mary, stayed in this vicinity. The rest settled in different parts of the country.

When they first came to Stalwart (which was known as the "Green Bush" at that time), they had to walk from the Soo. Robert was only 14 years old at the time, They homesteaded the farm now owned by George and Mary Sims. They built their house of logs taken from the timber on their homestead and used oxen to haul out the logs and to work the soil. There were no roads at that time and they had to pack everything on their backs. They walked to Prentiss Bay through the woods for provisions,

Andrew was a lay preacher and was known at that time as a circuit rider who went from place to place to preach.

GEORGE SIMS was born in 1847 and died in 1943 at the age of 96. He was the oldest one of the family. He married Mary Milne and they homesteaded first at Barbeau where they lived 11 years, then moved to Fairview where he spent the rest of his life. He had 6 children: Andrew, Annie, Mary, William, Bill, Alex, and Fairly. They all stayed in this area except Bill and Fairly.

Andrew was George's oldest son, born in 1871 and died in 1939. He took up carpenter work and built many homes around Pickford and vicinity. He married Elizabeth Clegg and had three children: Belle (Mrs. Bert Smith); Jean (Mrs. David Hill); and Wendell. Belle had a son, Harry, killed in WWII. Jean has two boys, Clayton and Roger. Wendell has a son, Andrew, and a daughter, Carole Cousins. He married Isabel Dunn and lives in Cedarville.

George's daughter, Annie, was born in 1880 and died in 1941. She married William Stevenson and they had a farm near Fairview. She had 9 children: William, Fred, Otto, Alex, Robert, Annie, Mary, Charlotte, and Susie. They all moved away except Fred, Otto, Annie, and Mary. Fred married Pearl McLeod and lives in DeTour, They had a family of four girls and one boy: Catherine (deceased), Freda O'Polka, Mary LaPoint, Irene LaLonde, and Billy Jack*. Otto married Violet Rye and they live on their farm south of Pickford. Their two sons are Lyle and Ted*. Mrs. William Cruickshank and their family are Ronald and Margaret (Mrs. Jeske)*. They live in Pickford .

William was born in 1888 and died in 1967. He married Ethel Skinner and had no family. They lived on their farm in Pleasant Park and he worked for the State Highway Department.

Alex was born in 1869 and died in 1927. He took over his fatherís farm and married Elizabeth Hanna. They had eight children: Annie, Frank, Kate, Emily, Douglas, Jean, Mildred, and George. He was township road commissioner for a number of years and hired the farmers to haul gravel to build and repair the roads after a snow storm with the snow plow and roller, making the trip from Stalwart to Pickford. They would go to DeTour one day and back the next. It required four teams of horses, two teams on the snowplow and two on the roller. The weather was usually very cold and the men often had frostbite on hands, feet, and faces as they were out in the open with no protection.

Alex' son Frank (deceased), was married to Helen Crawford who now lives at Prentiss Bay. They had 7 children: Frances (deceased), Carole Hooper, Jim, Roger, Mable Soderlund, Cherri, and Frank*.

Kate is Mrs. Earl Duncan and lives in Cedarville.

Douglas is married to Leanna Forrest and lives in Kalamazoo. Their children are Duane, Ronald, and Joanne*.

George Sims is married to Mary Smith and lives on his grandfather's homestead. They have 7 children: Keith, Wade, Barry, Brenda (Rutledge), Gloria (Jeske), Georgia (Lamb, deceased September, 1972), and Timothy*.

The rest of Alex's family live in Lower Michigan, except Ethel Kinnee who lives in Iron Mountain.

MARY SIMS was born in 1858 and died in 1919. She married John Johnston who was one of the first settlers in Stalwart. After his death she married Edward Flood. Her three daughters were Mae Johnston, Maty and Robert Flood.

Mae was born in 1885 and married Lionel Warren. She was a schoolteacher. Her children are Ervadene and Johnston. Ervadene married Cecil Taylor and had four children and lives in Lower Michigan. Johnston married Mildred Crisp and has two daughters, Shelva and Brenda*. He lives in Stalwart.

Mary (Flood) Bosley was born in 1894 and was a schoolteacher. She married Harrison Bosley and had 5 children: Edward, Joyce, Quentin, Doris, and Bob. Edward married Margaret Fountain, has four daughters, and lives in the Soo. Joyce is Mrs. Roman Pattick and has seven children. Quentin married Delvina Crisp and has one son. Doris is Mrs. Crandell Wiertella and has two children. Robert married Theora Cruickshank and has five children and lives on his parents' homestead at Stalwart.

ROBERT SIMS was born in 1862 and died in 1916. He was Andrew's youngest son. He married Minnie Forgrave and they lived on the farm adjoining his father's homestead. They had two sons, Thomas and Russell, both of whom are deceased.

When Robert and Alex were young men, they carried the mail by horseback from Pickford to DeTour. The toad at that time went through Fairview from Pickford and then around by the Sand Ridge.

In making a living in those days, the men would farm in the summer and lumber in the wintertime, spending many winters in the lumber camps. The women and children would stay home and look after the livestock and keep the fires going.

In the spring the men would go on river drives. The pulpwood would be stored on the riverbanks and when the ice would leave the streams in the spring, they would float the pulpwood down the streams where they would be fastened together in a boom at the mouth of the river. This was dangerous work as sometimes the logs would pile up and someone would have to go out to break them loose. Often they would get a good wetting or maybe worse.

There was a lot of hay grown on the farms and it had to be hauled to the lumber camps ot to the railroad at Rudyard. In hauling it to Rudyard, it had to be done in the winter with teams and sleighs. They would leave home in the night, often at 20 below zero, and go far as Wallises before breakfast. They would feed the horses there, then go on to Rudyard by noon. They would have to walk most of the way to keep warm. They left early in the morning to avoid meeting other teams from Pickford returning home, as the roads were narrow and the snow on both sides was very deep and passing difficult.

One can still see the tall spruce tree on the Stalwart Fairgrounds. It was planted by Robert's wife, Minnie, when she was six years old.

ROBERTís son, Thomas, was born in 1894 and died in 1930. He was with the Archangel Division in World War I. He married Jean Morrison and had six children.

Russell was born in 1898 and married Olive Crawford. They lived in Stalwart, but later moved to Cedarville. Elizabeth Pomarius is their daughter who has two sons and lived in Cedarville. Robert married Kitty Norlin and has one daughter and two sons. They live at Stalwart.


The first Slater to come to the Pickford area was Josiah Slater and his wife, Susan, in the year 1877. They moved into the Rockview area with their family which included Walter, Clara, Florence, Annie, and Minnie. Mr. Slater cleared his property by cutting the hardwood, maple, and beech trees. Lumber for the buildings was obtained from these trees. He also found wotk in the lumber camps that were situated in the area. Josiah is well remembered by the residents of Marquette Township, as he took the U. S. census in 1910 and in 1920. He also took a farm census in 1914. Josiah was an old man when he covered the Township for the 1920 census. A great deal of the traveling was done on snowshoes.

WALTER never married and stayed at home while working to help out on the family income. CLARA married and moved away from here. FLORENCE remained single and helped with the farm work. She often drove a team of oxen to Cedarville where she and her mother sold homemade butter and garden produce.

ANNIE married Charlie Hill who came here from Marlette and settled on the farm south of the Rockview Cemetery where Mrs. Hill stilllives. They raised two boys, Harold and Roland. Roland lives in Texas and has five children. Harold married Etta Wonnacott and still lives near Pickford with his family: Carol, Chuck of Big Rapids, Nancy, and Paula.

MINNIE married Jim Williams, a neighbor, and moved to Ann Arbor where she stilllives. After the death of Jim Williams, she married Emile Barbiawt and her friends here know her by that name.

In 1906, GEORGE SLATER came to Pickford to visit his uncle, Josiah, and his family. He loved the forest country so much that he stayed and worked in the lumber camps in winter and hired out to farmers for the summer work where he learned to do the haying and harvesting, as well as the plowing and care of the fatm animals. He bought 80 acres of land from William Miller, located two miles south and two miles west of Pickford. However, before he could improve it, he was drafted for military service in World War I. He served in France and on the German border until the Armistice. After he returned, he married Janet Crawford of Stalwart and they settled on the farm where he cleared about 40 acres of land. He served as Township Clerk of Marquette Township from 1924 until his death in 1937. Janet Slater still lives here in Pickford and is active in church, Grange, and community activities. She was Marquette Township Clerk until she tetired in 1965. They raised six children: Jane, Marion, Jack, Robert and Patricia, (twins), and Fred.

Jane married Edmund Carr and lives in Sault Ste, Marie, Their grown sons are Mark and Randy.

Marion married Paul Mende and lives in Downers Grove, Illinois, with their four girls: Janet, Barbara, Patsy, and Paula.

Jack married Evelyn Kennedy and they have three girls: Jeanne (who is married to John Bennin and has a daughter, Amy.), Nancy at L.S.S.C., and Jacklyn. Jack owns and operated Slater's Citgo Service Station and is a volunteer fireman.

Robert married Elaine Mattson of Rudyard and they live three and one-half miles south of Pickford with their six children: George, Joanne, Rodney, Donald, David, and Steven. Bob is employed at Lipsett's Garage and is a volunteer fireman.

Patsy married John Sullivan of Dearborn and has three children:Mary kay, Rebecca, and John.

Fred, the youngest, married Sharon Simmons of Cedarville. For short time he operated a television business in Pickford, but moved to Dearborn Heights where he is employed at Bendix Company. Their three children are Fred, Jr., Deborah, and Sue. Fred passed away in 1966 from a kidney ailment.


Joseph was born on May 11, 1838, in Frampton, Ontario. He went to Wisconsin in 1873 and married Margaret Wilson of Wisconsin. Joseph Smith, his wife, and two boys came to Pickford in 1878 and entered the lumber business with William Hossack in Raber. Joseph and Margaret had five boys: HARRY, WALTER, FRED, HERBERT, and ARTHUR. Joseph Smith died Oct. 25, 1915 and is buried in Cedarville Cemetery. Mrs. Smith then went back to Wisconsin.

HARRY was born March 4, 1875. He went to college and got his Mastet's Degree ftom the University of Wisconsin. He taught high school in Wisconsin, Florida, and Missouri. He died in Lexington, Missouri, and is buried there.

WALTER was born Jan. 12, 1876. He studied dentistry and lived in Wisconsin.

FRED was born March 2, 1879. In 1896 Fred J. went to Cedarville and worbd for Hossack for several years before he moved to Pickford to operate the feed mill. Fred Smith and Hossack

Brothers bought the Pickford Grocery and operated it a few years, then sold it to E. S. Taylor. Mr. Smith was Postmaster for many years and a member of the Board of Education. He married Jenny Dunn who died in 1919 and later married Alma Quinnell. He had 8 children: Arthur, Glen, Norman, Alice, June, Lonaine, Marion, and Arlene. Mr. Smith died Dec. 26, 1954. Mrs. Smith lives in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and visits in Pickford in the summers. Alice is Mrs. Rudy Cousino. June (Mrs. Donald Smith of Sault Ste. Marie) has two children, Cathy (Mrs. Alan Reamer of Pickford) and Mike . Lorraine (Mrs. Elmer Newman of Raber) has two children Janet and Bruce. Marion is Mrs. Garlick and Arlene is Mrs. Rodorwitz.

HERBERT was born July 11, 1881. He went to school and studied photography and came to this area in 1906 in that profession. He settled in the Fairview area where he engaged in lumbering, trapping, and other activities. He was a State Conservation Officer and State Trapper from 1925-1932. He married Maud Nalley and had one son, Kenneth, who is in the television businessin Pickford. Herbert died July 4, 1957, and Mrs. Smith on March 15, 1952. Kenneth married Marie Beacom Hgrrison and they have one daughter, Rosa. She is married to Roger Bennin and they have one son, Roger*. Marie has one son, Lyle Harrlson. He married Deloris Melvin and they have five children.

ARTHUR was born October 3, 1884. He worked a year in the feed mill, then went to Kenosh College in Racine, Wisconsin, and taught at the State Teachers College in Wisconsin for 35 years. He died at the age of 82 on August 15, 1966, in Wisconsin.


Richard Smith was born in Markham, Ontario Canada, March 1846 and married Emily Ann Nye of Vaugham, Ontario in 1869. He worked in his fathers brickyard for ten years then in 1879 came to Pickford and located a homestead of 80 acres five and a half miles west of Pickford. He built a small log cabin and went back to Canada. In the spring of 1880 he moved his wife and family of four children to Pickford. They lived in a log cabin until 1894 when they moved into their new brick veneer home. He had set up a drykill for making bricks and made the bricks for his home, the house though not in use still stands.

John Smith was unable to recall the names of his grandparents, but he knew they both came from England. One grandfather was a policeman there and the other owned Clydesdale horses which he used to pull barges up the Thames River.

John's Grandfather Smith later moved to Ontario, Canada, and set up a brickyard which produced brick and tile. John's father, Richard Smith, worked at this brickyard for several years. Richard married Emily Ann Nye and they had 8 children: John, George, Sarah, and James (Wesley) were born in McGillvary, Ontario, and Susan, Etta, Raymond, and Joseph were born after they moved to the Pickford area.

John remembered going to the brickyard with his father and fashioning little animals from the clay and giving them to his father to be baked in the kiln with the bricks and tile.

In 1879 Richard decided to homestead land in the United States five and one-half miles west of Pickford. At that time the road west of Pickford was only surveyed for three miles. Richard walked to the Soo, obtained the necessary surveying instruments, carried them back, and surveyed the road for another three miles to locate his homestead Site. He built a log cabin beside the river and went back to get his family.

On April 18, 1880, the family left Canada to travel to their new home. They stayed in the Soo for some time with a family that owned an 80-acre farm, while Richard went on to the homestead to make final preparations for the family.

John said, "Much or perhaps all of this farm was located within the present city limits of the Soo."

When the new home was ready, the family moved to the homestead. Later another larger log cabin was built closer to the road. A log barn was also constructed. Finally, in 1890 the house which still stands on the homestead was built. To build this house, Richard constructed a Kiln and made the brick from clay found on the farm.

John W. Smith born in Vaugham, Ontario 1871 came to Pickford when he was nine years old. The first time he recalls being in the Soo, there was a team of horses with a load of furniture stuck on Ashmun Street and a group of men gave them a push to get them going. He spent most of his life in the Pickford area but opetated a grocery store in Detroit for a while. He died in Feb. 1973.

George Albert Smith was born in 1873 at McGillivary, Ontario and married Ethal Barns. Both are now deceased. They had no children.

Sarah Elizabeth Smith born in 1876 at McGillivary, Ontario married Ike Lunny. They had no children, but after her sister Suzanal's death, Lloyd S. Mitchell, Suzanal's youngest son lived with Sarah. They lived on the old homestead farm for a while. Ike Lunny passed away about 1918. Then Sarah and Lloyd moved to Detroit. She later married A.E. Bonn, both are now deceased.

James Wesley Smith was born in 1878 at McGillivary, Ontario. James Wesley and George farmed together until George was married. Then he went to the Soo and worked, there he met Ethol Wright, was married and moved to Detroit. They had three children, Jay (deceased),Margaret (deceased); and Idell now living in California James Wesley and Etholrare both deceased.

Joseph S. Smith was born in 1881 at Pickford, Michigan. He married Mary Banes a sister of George's wife. They had twelve children. Joseph now lives in Pickford. Wilbur (deceased) married and lived in Detroit. Leona married Levi Pierce, they had sixteen children and live in the Pickford Soo area.

Dorris married John Kangas. They had one child and lived in Ithaca, New York. Both John and Dorris are deceased.

Earnest married and had one child, lived in Royal Oak. (deceased)

Almiron married and had three children, lives in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Earl married and had two children, lived near Detroit. (deceased)

Emily Smith lives in Pickford.

Sarah married Robert O'Brine. They have three children and now live in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Joseph ,Jr. married and has seven children. he lives at Berkley, Michigan.

Roy married and has two children, lives at Royal Oak, Michigan.

Alice married Art Carlson and has two children and now lives at Battle Creek, Michigan.

Alvie married, has three children and lives in Berkley, Michigan.

Mary, Joseph, Sr.'s wife, is deceased.

Suzonal Smith, born 1884 at Pickford, Michigan, married Alex Mitchell. To them were born two sons. John married Nina Jacobson, lived in the Detroit area most of his life, retired and moved to Lake City. They had one child, Carol*. John is now deceased. Lloyd married Hazel Earl. He has one step son and now lives in Hessel, Michigan.

Raymond Smith, John's brother, purchased the farm directly across the road from the homestead and was married to Jane Moore. They had four children: Meryl, Forrest, Stella, and Ivan.

FORREST purchased the farm from his father and later purchased the homestead site across the road. In 1971 this farm was sold to Keith Schmidt and Forrest now lives on a farm just south of the Pickford town limits.

Raymond S. Smith, born 1886 at Pickford, Michigan, married Jane Moore. They had four children. Meryl married Joseph LaMothe and lives in Sault Ste. Marie. They have two children: Roger* lives in Jackson, Michigan and Janice* lives in New York, N.Y. Fonest married Violet McConkey They have three children. Jim* of Holi, Michigan, Fred* of Sault Ste. Marie and Robert (Bob)* still at home. Stella lives at Jackson, Michigan. Ivan Smith died in 1940, Raymond in 1942 and Jane in 1951.

Etta Smith, born at Pickford in 1888, married Perry Wilkins. They had three children. Perry, Jr,, lives at Plymouth, Michigan and has three children. Thelma married Jay Schafer and they have four boys living in Royal Oak, Michigan; Donna is at home with her mother. Perry, Sr. is deceased.


Five sons of Mr. and Mrs. William Smith of Harrison, Ontario, came to this country in 1886. They came on the boat, The Tub Murry, to Stirlingville on October 7th. They homesteaded and cleared land and made their living farmirg and working in the woods during the winters. Four of these Smith sons were manied to four Smith sisters, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith of Canada.

Andrew J. Smith married Martha Margaret Smith and cleared the land and lived on a farm onehalf mile north of Pickford (site of the James Stewart farm). They had 14 children. Many of these children had no milk to drink when they were small. For a long time they used nothing but maple sugar and syrup for sweetening their food. The sugar was made in large cakes and stacked on the pantry shelf. Mr. Smith once carried a 100-pound bag of flour from the Soo to Pickford on his shoulder by resting at intervals and carrying as far as possible. Their children were as follows:

DAVID never married and lived all his life dn the home farm. He kept a team that was extra good at pulling. It won many prizes at the home fairs and also won at the Escanaba State Fair.

NATHANIEL married Margaret Janet Watson. Their children were Cora (Mrs. William Stirling), Verna (Mrs. Whitford Armstrong), and Milford who graduated from Pickford High School and retired after 30 years with the Detroit Post Offices. He died in Pickford May 15, 1968.

JULIA married William Watson. They farmed two miles northwest of Pickford foc many years, then moved to Manistique, and later to Detroit for the rest of their lives. Their family were Russel, David, and Millie (Mrs. Rudy Pouch), who all make their home in Youngstown, Arizona.

CLARISSA (Mrs. Robert Brown), lived in the vicinity of Pickford as long as he lived. He did butchering and farming. Mrs. Brown died in July, 1972. Their children are Gordon, Hazel (Mrs. Ross Clow) who died at 54, Fern (Mrs. George McDonald), Everett Doran), Edna (Mrs. Glen Henry), Tressa (Mrs. Al Scozzafave), and Cleve.

ELIZA (Mrs. George Stirling) and her family made their home on a farm two miles west of Pickfotd (now the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Zwolinski). When they retired, they moved to Pickford. After Mr. StirlingPs death, Mrs. Stirling moved to Sault Ste. Marie. Their children are Herman, who lives in Colorado; Marquerite (Mrs. Edmund Bowers) of Illinois; Ada (Mrs. Charles Wallis) of Rudyard; Marie (Mrs. Ennis Bumstead) of Sault Ste. Marie; and Freda (Mrs. John Korman) of Detroit.

ELIZABETH was their first child born at Pickford. She married Thomas Tompkins. They had son, Otto, of Sault Ste. Marie. After Mr. Tompkins' death, she married James Anderson and had one stepdaughter, Mrs. Myron Perron.

BERT SMITH married Margaret Crawford. Their children were Glen (deceased), Keith of Lansing, and Dorothy of Hessel. Several years after Margaret's death, he married Belle Sims (deceased). Bert has barbered in Pickford since 1906 and still works at it.

MARY married Taylor Gough. They farmed for many years in different localities, then he finished his active life working on Mackinac Island. After his death, Mary lived in het home 4 miles south of Pickford for a number of years, then moved into town. Their children were Herman, Emma (Mrs. Elmer Dodds) of Pickford, Jack (deceased), Burton of Cedarville, Gladys (Mrs. Lewis Anderson) of Mt. Pleasant.. One son, Bernard, met a tragic death when he was drowned and the body not found until later. Two sons, William and Irvin, died when they were teenagers.

EMMA married Bert Clegg. Their children were Orville (deceased) and Floyd of Sault Ste. Marie. After Mr. Clegg's death, she married Albert Dennison and they had a son, Harry. She is now Mrs. Ed Suggit of the Soo.

ANDREW J. SMlTH married Minnie Leach and they were the Sault's only man and wife barbering team and worked for many years before retiring. Andrew died in 1963 and Minnie now lives in Pickford.

TRESSA married Floyd Bassett. They lived for many years in Rudyard where he owned and operated a blacksmith shop. They now live in Delton, Michigan. They have one son, Dean.

IDA, CARLINDA, and CHESTER died when they were small.

CLARENCE LAND was a foster son whose mother died of burns when he was a few months old. His father had no home for him, so Mrs. Smith raised him as one of her own. He was a veteran lighthouse keeper for 40 years and made his home in Cheboygan where he last worked on Rock Ages Lighthouse. He and his wife, Marie, had severalchildren. He is deceased.

George Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Smith, married Carlinda Smith and they farmed in the area two miles east of Pickford. Their children were:

LILLIAN married William Cockran and lived near her parents. Their children were George, Elsie (Aho), and Chester (deceased).

CHESTER married and spent most of his life in St. Paul, Minnesota. They had no family.

WILLIAM (BILL) married Ethel Moore and their family was Leonard, Austin (deceased), Howard, Bill, and Alice (Bumstead). His family was raised in Sault Ste. Marie.

ROY SMITH married Nellie Hill and also farmed most of his life southeast of Pickford. He also worked at framing barns and framed many of the hay barns around Pickford. It was well known that he was much at home nailing the highest points of the rafters together as he was on the ground. He now lives in Pickford. His family are Mary (Mrs. George Sims) of Stalwart, Hazel (Mrs. Chester Droulard) of Detroit, Pearl (Mrs. Vern Leach) of southwest Pickford, and Ervadeen (Mrs. Roger Schmidtke) of California.

Sylvester Smith, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Smith, married Sarah Smith. They had one daughter, ETTA McGauley, of the Sault.

James Smith married Elizabeth Smith and farmed one mile north of Pickford (known as the Paddy Batho farm). His family were GEORCE ROBERT, JAMES, SIDNEY, SANDORD, TOM, IDA, and PEARL. Most of the family left Pickford in time, except GEORGE ROBERT. He married Bertha Sawyers and later moved to Montana. After living there several years, he returned to Pickford and lumbered for several years. Finally both he and his wife died in Montana. Their children are LEONARD, FERN and JEWELL of Seattle, Washington, HAZEL (Mrs. Lorne Hillock) and ZETTA (Mrs. Clarence Hill) of Pickford, EDNA (Mrs. William Parker) of Mackinac City, ETHEL and ESTHER of Helena, Montana, and GEORGE, JR., of Oregon who died in 1970. Hazel died in 1973.

Mary Ann Smith (Mrs. Thomas Bennett) and her family also lived in the southeast area of Pickford and farmed. They had five sons: ELMER, OLIVER, MILTON, CHARLES, and MELVIN.

Nelsan Smith was the fifth son of Mr. and Mrs. William Smith that came at that time. He married Ann Reeves in Canada. He farmed three and one-half miles northwest of Pickford. Their children were:

WILLIAM SMITH married Margaret Sawyers. They had two children, Blanche (Mrs. Gordon Peffers)- now Mrs. Reuben Carr of Florida- Bertha Greiser of Ohio.

LORENZO (RENZIE) SMITH farmed next to his father until his death. After the death of his brother, William, he married his widow, Margaret Smith. Their children were Annie (Mrs. Reuben Carr, deceased); Luella (deceased); Emily Gilbert; Florence (Mrs. MerrirlHamilton) of Pickford; Margaret Therrian of Pontiac; Levina Brown of West Virginia; Eva Curry of Pennsylvania; Rita Smith of Califomia; Jewell Mason of Sault Ste. Marie; and Howard of Pontiac. Mrs. Smith passed away in 1970.

JANET SMITH married Henry Farrish. They lived two miles north and one mile west of Pickford. Their family were Robert (deceased); Pearl (Mrs. William Peffers); Mabel (Mrs. Frank Peffers) deceased; Lizzie Vollick; Etta Anderson; William and Nelson (both deceased).

JOHN SMITH married Barbara Young. Their daughter, Hazel, naK Mrs. Reginald Long, lives in Sault Ste. Marie.

MARTHA SMITH (Mrs. James Penfold) lives in Soo, Ontario.

SARAH ANN SMITH (Mrs. Tom McGill) had Pearl, Earl, William.

HENRY SMITH married Nellie Anderson and they have one son, Basil. They now live in Brimley.


John Steele, Sr., was born in Grenville, Quebec, Canada, and was the oldest son of Archibald and Isabella Robertson Steele. He was born July 5, 1862. His mother was botn in Edinburgh, Scotland, and his father in Ireland.

He came to Pickford, June, 1883, in search of land that would be more productive than the stony land of his fatherPs farm, where as a young lad o~e of his chores was to help pick up stones from the land. This was strenuous, back-breaking work. It was not uncommon at the end of a day's work to have blood trickling from his fingers. However, had he known the composition of those stones, he would have regarded them more highly. After he left this stony farm and came to hlichigan, a nephew, Aleck McPhee, broke open one of the stones and was amazed at the crystals inside. Upon analysis of the underground rocks, it was discovered that they were a special type of dolomite. In steelmaking, this dolomite could be trrated and used to line Bessemer furnaces and other aspects of steel-making.

John purchased an 80-acre tract of land one mile west and one-half mile north of Pickford from the railroad company. This was uncleared land and except for knolls or mounds was vety wet, until the land was cleared and drainage ditches dug. The mounds, which were higher and drier, made good building locations. To secure one of these mounds, he purchased 80 acres from Andrew Wilson who owned the adjoining farm. Mr. Steele built a frame house on the mound to replace the original log house. There are indications that in the distant past Indians may have occupied some of these higher elevations. Flint arrowheads, axes, and other Indian artifacts have been unearthed at various times.

In the early pioneer days, one crop that never failed was the mosquito crop. Lacking D.D.T. and other insectidides, the pioneers would build smudges for the purpose of driving away the swarms of mosquitoes. Also a loosely woven cloth known as mosquito netting was draped over beds, around baby cradles, and even worn over hats and caps to afford some protection from the stinging bites of the mosquitoes. A trail through the woods led to a little store at Stirlingville where staple groceries could be bought. Pioneers in the village of PicMord would walk to Stirlingville to purchase groceries and carry them home on their backs. Grain was cradled by hand and the hay was cut down with a hand scythe.

There is an old saying, "Love will find a way." All this hard work did not prevent John from romancing. On April 10, 1895, John Steele and Alice Victoria Brindley were united in matriage by The John Brindley family had anived in the Soo, Oct. 21, 1881, coming from They sailed by boat from the Soo to a point at Stirlingville known as Jolly's Landing. They homesteaded at Fairview. Alice, the seventh of the nine daughters and threesons of the Brindley family was 7 years old when her parents came to Michigan. She received her education in the little log house at Fairview. At the age of 16 she passed the state teachers' examinations and began teaching at the Leach school southeast of Stalwart. At this time a school term was usually four or five months long and the teacher received a salary of $30 a month. She taught at Slusherville, now called Sunshine, and at the Kennedy School. To this marriage were born four sons and three daughters. Their first-born son aied when 8 days old. The member of the family are all still living.

FANNY married George Patterson.

JOHN LORNE, born Jan. 6, 1897, and his wife, Josephine, live on the farm purchased by his fathef in 1883. They have three sons and three daughters. Their youngest son, Donald, his wife, Sally, and daughters, Donna and Carol live one mile south of Pickford on what is known as the Denny place. Luther is at home. Hlvlna, Gertrude, John L., J~L, and Edith are married and live Alvin in Lower Michigan. There are 13 grandchildren. Mr. Steele was honored at a banquet on the occasion of his retirement from public office after serving 34 years as Pickford Township Treasurer. He was presented a gold watch by Pickford Township Supervisot, Elliott Hancock.

SARAH, born Dec. 10, 1898, graduated from Sault Ste. Marie High School June, 1917 and received her Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Michigan University in Matquette. On June 28, 1922, Sarah married Andrew S. Cowell and they had one daughter, Arlis (Mrs. Oren Fountain). She was a classroom teacher for 35 years and 8 months. She has been active in various educational, religious, and civic organizations. She retired June, 1970, and is living in Pickford. Mr. Cowel died Dec. 22, 1947. There are three grandsons and two great granddaughters.

ALVINA (Mrs. Angus McPhee) was born Au~st 6, 1902 and lives near Rudyard. She has three daughters, Lois, Darla and Linda, and one son, J~!,deceased. There are eight grandchildren and one great grandson.

JAMES, born March 20, 1904, a construction worker, his wife, Katie, and daughter, Lavonne, reside in Davison, Michigan. Lavonne (Mrs. Don Bomeli) is a music instructor at Grand Branc.

ORVILLE, born May 9, 1906 and his wife, Marie, live on Mackinac Island where he is affiliated with the Mackinac Carriage Line. Their son, Richard, is buried on the Island.

NELLIE, born Sept. 17, 1908, married Neigel Austin and lived in Marion, Ohio, untilhet death in June, 1972. They had three sons: Erwin and Vernon of Hartford, Michigan, and Arvid (deceased) and one daughter, loAnn (Mrs. Carl Keebaugh of Marion, Ohio) and Ilgrandchildren. Nellie inherited her motherss knack for writing poetry as expressed in the following poems.

(Poems by Mrs. Austin were published in the 19~0 Freshman Class Edition.)


When Dad and I were married We were young as you will see, I was just seventeen, Dad was not twenty-three.

We were very happy and our hearts were filled with joy For on the 29th of April Came a darting baby boy. We called him Arvid Niegel Named for Dad he would be. When Niegel first saw him He exclaimed -- "He looks like me."

It was the last day of August With summer almost gone When another little darling Came to join our happy throng. We named him Erwin Delray He was cute as he could be. Dad thought he looked like him. Of course, I thought he looked like

I was busy and very happy I was almost in a whirl When the 12th day of September Came a sweet baby girl. We called her Jocelyn Joan Quite approximate you can see There was no mistake this time For she did look just like me.

Three years later in October It was the twenty-first Another little boy we had

And loved him as if he were the first. I'11 be very truthful, I sure had no time to dream To this little fellow we gave the name, Vernon Eugene.

Yes, they were happy busy years. We were thankful as could be. Now I hope someone else will Keep intact the family tree. Now my poemss ended At poetry I'm not great I just put it in writing Before it was too late.


Often, I sit in meditation as the years roll swiftly by, and recall my happy childhood. What a carefree girl was I.

Many highways since I've traveled Met new faces day by day. But no other could fill your places Though you ate many miles away.

Now I miss your fand caresses and your ever-watchful care Though I know you are always with me In the memories we share.

If I sailed across the oceans Searched this whole world through and through, I could never find another Mom and Dad to equal you.

Yes, your eyes are growing dimmer And your steps are feebler too But you're still my inspiration in whatever I may do.

May God always keep you safely As you journey down life's way Mom and Dad, how much I love you Words alone can never convey.


Now who do you think started the twist? It was our great grandmas, I do insist. When they tried to get into their skirts and stays They sure had to twist in many ways. Then Great Grandpa got into the act Trying to lace her up the back So when the kids do the Twist today Let's all join in and say, "Hurrah!" For Great Grandmother would never have guessed She started the Twist when she got dressed.

There ate 14 living grandchildren, three deceased, 35 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren. Mr. Steele died Nov. 7, 1949, and Mrs. Steele, Jan. 2, 1958. The are buried in Cottle Cemetery.

Four brothers and four sisters of Mr. Steele also came to the Pickford area: Elizabeth (Mts. William Nixon), Matilda ~lrs. Louis Lordson), Caroline (Mrs. James Thompson), Margaret, James, Edward, Reuben, and Alfred. All are deceased. The only descendant of Caroline Steele Thompson in this area is a grandson, Bill Thome, WSOO Radio announcer.


Mr. and Mrs. James Stevenson and their family of nine, one staying in Canada, came from Moskota, Canada, about 1883 and settled by the Little Munuscong five miles east and three miles south of Pickford. This farm is now owned by Gerald McCord. Their family was Jack, Jim, Bill, Susie, Bella, Bob, Nellie, Janie, and Becky.

JACK married Eleanor Jane Kelly and settled two miles south and four and one-half miles east of Pickford. They had six children: Joe, Jack, George, Alvin Esther, and Mary.

JIM married Ida Crawford and settled five miles east and two miles south of Pickford. They had 8 children: Maude,Lillie,Tom,Susie,Ida, Gordon Marv,and Tim.

SUSIE married Tom Crawford and they settled five miles east and three miles south. They had 11 children: Bill, Jim, Belle, Mary, Myrtle, Lila, Bob, Fred, Tom, Susie, and Ward.

BOB married Kate McGuire and they had no children.

BELLA married Fred Ball and settled two miles south and four and one-half miles east.

Their four children were Tim, Bill, Mable, and Edith.

NELLIE married Tom Travis, settled in Raber, then moved to Pickford and ran the hotel, then moved to a farm now owned by Leo Nettleton. They later made their home in Detroit. They had 6 children: Charlotte, Mim, Louella, Fred Russell, and Lillie.

BECKIE married Bill McKewon and she stayed in Canada.

BILL Stevenson married Annie Sims and settled five miles east and two miles south. They had 11 children. Bill and Bess (Tripp) live in Toledo and has no children. Fred and Pearl (McCleod) live in DeTour and have six children: Freda (O'Polka), Irene (LaLonde), Mary, Bill, Martha (LaPlaunt), and Catherine (deceased). Clifford(deceased) married Delphina Harrison and their two children are Elva (Sims) and David. Delphina ownes the home place. Otto married Violet Rye, their two sons are Ted and Lyle. They live near Pickford. Alex married Ellen Hill, they have one child, Paul, and they recently moved back to Pickford. Annie married Clark Allen and they lived in Cedarville. Their children are Marlene (Griffin), Laura (Sherlund), and Fred. Robert married Shirley Thompson and they have three children and live in Hawaii. Mary married Bill Cruickshank and they have two children, Ronald and Margaret (Mrs. Bury Jeske, Jr.) adn live in Pickford. Vern is deceased. Charlotte married Ernest Kaspar and tehy have two girls, JoAnn and Jeanne. They live in Detroit. Susie married Frank Coppel, they have one child, and live in Hazel Park, Michigan.


William Stewart was botn in 1851 in West Wawanosh, Ontario. He martied Francis Andetson (born 1855) and had 9 children, 7 born in Canada and 2 in Pickford. They came to Pickfotd by way of Sarlt Ste. Marie and settled on a farm four miles west of Pickford, now known as t~ae Cleve Lockhart fatm. The farm was very low and every spring would be under water. They maved five miles west and one and three-quarters miles north to wherc Russell McCabe lives. William Stewart died in 1914.

The 9 children were: Jack (born 1882), Bill (born 1884), Margaret (born 1886), Alexander (born 1888), Elizabeth (born 1890), Janet (born 1892), James (born 1894)lthese were born in Canada and Mary (born 1898) and Elsie (born 1900), the two born in Pickford.

JACK worked as an engineer on a railroad in Indiana.

BILL went to Gladstone and married Dora Knight and worked in a paper mill. They had three girls. Mrs. Bill Stewart died in February, 1954 and Bill died in September, 1965, at the age of 81.

MARGARET married Peter McDonald and had 13 children: A baby died in infancy. Phoebe died at the age of 21. Lyle married Maxine Smith and had four children:Shirley, Phoebe, Larry, and Francis. Eva married Jim Sterling and has one son, Don. Don married Norma Kennedy and have five children: Cheryl*(Mrs. Paul Harrison, with two boys and a girl), Donna* (Mrs. Ronald Harrison), Mary Sue, George, and Jennifer*. Lloyd married Isabelle Batho and had three children: Vera (Mrs. Clark Taylor), who has Dennis, Joan, Vickie, Mark, and Angela*; Bill is married to Yvonne Izzard and they have four children: Rhonda, Randy, Shelly and Tracy*, and Corraine (Mrs. Roger Fountain who has Debbie, Scott, and Sandra*). Mrs. Isabelle McDonald died and Lloyd later married Lempi Kemp and they have three children: Sharon (Mrs. Don Thompson with two children), Gary, and Karen. Margaret married Bill Hansen and had two children, Marion and Carol. Iona died when she was 21. Irene married John Mitchell and had three children Jerry, Cleo and Sandra. Arnold is married and four children: Marty, Greg, Linda, and Ricky. has two boys, Celand and Elton. Rusty, Donna, Debbie, and Ronald.

ALEXANDER went to Manistique, married and had two childien. They all died within one week at the time of the flu epidemic.

ELIZABETH also went to Manistique and married Elmer Boal. They had two boys, Stewart and Donald. Stewart married Zelma Appleyard and they have five children: Paula (Mrs. Michael Blaricum with two children), Elmer, Alan, Richard and Jimmy. Donald married Bernice Holmman and they have two children, Harold and Cynthia (Mrs. Dean Skikking).

JANET married James Steele and they had 7 children: Isabelle, William, Dorothy, Inez, Rudy, Greely, Lorene. Isabelle married Earl Thompson and had 5 children: Phyllis (Mrs. Clarence Beacom) has three children, Joyce*(Mrs.Michael Cook with two children, Michael and Michell**), Barbara*, Frances*. Robert married Jennie Whitehead and their children are Linda, Billy, Bobbi, Billy died in 1944; Bernice married Frank Shea and their children are Kathy, Mike, Danny, Jimmy, and David; Imogean married Frances Allan and their children are Robbie, Timmy, and Pamela*. Isabelle then married Olaf Madison and they had three children: Sonja, Roger and Tommy. Sonia married Joe Rogers and their childrrn are Joseph, Cheryl, Roger and his wife, Janus, have Roger and Toni*. Tommy lives at Onaway with his parents Isabelle then married Walter Owaski and had two children, Danny nd Gayle. WIlliam married Louise Berdinneaux and has six children: Beverly,Dick,Audrey, Janet, Lavonne, and Jimmy. Dorothy married Frank Westover had they had 8 children: Judy, Janet, Joan, Patsy,Ronny, Ricky, Laurie, and Wendy. Frank died in 1957. Inez married Gunner Nordstorm and had five children: Gerry, Francis, Carolyn, John, and David.Gerry married Robert Hayes, and hastwo children, Jeffery and Lynn*. Carolyn is teaching in the Peace Corps. Ruby married Henry Rueno and has two children, Bonnie and Scott. Bonnie married Dr. Robert Johnson, a dentist, and they have two children. Scott married Toni Flowers and they have two children, Kimberly Sue and Kelly Sue*. Greely married Virginia Core and had three boys, Robert, Donald, and Billy. Robert and his wife, Linda, have four sons, Scott, Todd, Stephen, and Paul*. wife, Judy have four children, Donnie, Mickey, Kenneth, and Kelly*. Billy and his wife, Nancy, have one son, Billy*. Loreen married Verne Nunn and they have no children.

JAMES married Emma Sterling who came from Sweden when she was 6 years old. They had four children: James A., Ernest, Janette and Janice (twins). James married Ferne Bawks and their children are their children are Clark, Jack, and Jeanne Gayle. Ernest marridd Phyllis Hotchkiss and their children are Sandra, William, kathy, and Christine. Sandra is Mrs. Brock Manning and has one son, David William. Janette married Melvin Kamper and has four children: Kathleen, David, Venitta, and Reuben. Melvin died in July, 1967. Janice is not married and lives in Ludington. Emma Stewart died in August, 1972, and james in October, 1972.

MARY married Wilford Hancock and had four children: Gladys, Olive, Pauline, and Arvid. Gladys married Ben Nayback. Olive Marx has two boys. Pauline married Victor DesJardins and had me son, Vickie. Pauline died in 1951. Arvid is married. Mary died in 1961 and Wilford later married his wife's sister, Janet. Janet is deceased.

ELSIE married William Wonnacott and has six children: Levi, Merle, Calvin, Darlene, Vernus, and Wayne. Levi married Margaret Gilker. She died and he later married Gladys Rogers. They had no children. Merle married Fred Sylvester and has three boys, Jimmy, Terry, and Danny. She later married George Wilson. Calvin married Maxine Hill and their daughters are Darlene married Darald Jarvie and has four boys: Wayne, Darald, Ronald, and Randy. Vernus married Don Kelley and their children are Mike, Cindy, Candace, Donald, and Kathy. Wayne married Arlene Neilson and they have two children. He is an auctioneer.


In April, l840, James Stirling, his wife, and five sons left Canoustie, Scotland, for Canada. In 6 weeks and 3 days the ship reached Quebec. After 4 days here they voyaged on through Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, and Hamilton, Ontario. Their baggage was shipped in schooners for Goderich, since the schoonets could carry no passengers, and the family traveled in wagons and on foot. Some days they were without food and some became ill. Such glowing reports had been sent them in Scotland by an uncle who had earlier come to spy out the land in Canada, that they were determined to find homes in the new country. They settled in Goderich, paying $3 per acre for their farms.

The youngest son, William, married Rebecca Colwell, a girl from a family of 12. They lived on the farm with the now-aging father, who knew little about farming, having been a sailar. He was a quiet man, a great readet, and under his management the fatm became very productive. His otchatd was one of the best producers in the district. What a community in which to raise a family, where for a lifetime the neighbors lived in peace and harmony! The Stirlings were Liberals in politics and Presbyterians in religion.

To this marriage were born five boys and seven girls. Before his death, William left the to the youngest son, Sandy, who sold it in 1940, thus keeping the farm in Stirling hands fot 100 years. Three of these children went west to Alberta and Saskatchewan, five remained in Ontario, and five came to the U.S., making their homes in or near Pickford.

JAMES STIRLING married Jane Beacom. He was an implement dealer, then in the creamery business. They lived in the house now owned by Bert McDonald and then in the one next to it on the corner, where they were living when Mrs. Stirling passed away. They had three girls, Gertrude (Mrs. Donald Brumbaugh), Ruby, and Grace, all of whom are deceased. Gertrude was the mother of D.S.Brumbaugh, who was Superintendent of SchooIs in DeTour, Norway, and then accepted a position in the Department of Education in Grand Rapids. Ruby became Mrs. Chatles Hamilton. Grace was Mrs. Hilton Roe and her children are Patricia Pennington, Jack Roe, Jane Smith, Donald Roe, Mason Roe, and Emily Foley.

GEORGE STIRLING married Eliza Smith. He was a life-long farmer and held the office of County Supervisor of Marquette Township for several years. Their farm is now owned by Frank Zwolinski. They had one son, Herman, who lives in Colorado, and four daughters: Marguerite Bowers, living in Illinois; Ada Wallas, who lives near Rudyard; Marie Bumstead in the Soo; and Freida Korman or Detroit. Mr. Stirling is buried in Cottle Cemetary.

SADIE martied John Crawford and had two daughters: Wilma(Mrs. Forbes McDonald), mother of William, Jack, and Marty McDonald; and Sarah (Mrs. Isaac Rye), mother of Donald and Barbara. John and Sadie Crawford are buried in Donaldson Cemetery.

REBECCA married Fred Johnston. They spent their early married life in Pickford, then moved to St. Ignace. They had 9 children: Vern, Jean, Winifred, George,Maude, William, Glen, Beulah, and Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and son, George, are buried in St. Ignace Cemetery.

JOHN married Ruth Rye. He was a farmer, road commissioner, and was Treasurer of Marquette Township Schools for 35years. They had four boys: Sandy (who died in infancy); William, married Cora Smith and their children are Euline (Mrs. Herman Campbell) with Judy, Janet, Jimmy, and Jerry; Jerrry, is married and lives in Westland, Michigan; and Robert is married and lives in Garden City, Michigan. William died in 1953 and is buried in Cottle Cemetery; James, is married to Eva McDonald and now lives on the Stirling farm one and three-fourths miles west of town and has one son, Donald who married Norma Kennedy and has Donna(Mrs.Ronald Hanison), Cheryl (Mrs. Paul Harrison), Mary, George and Jenny*; and John married Myrtle Leach and lives one-half mile south of Pickford. Their daughter, Josephine is Mss. Mynor Seaman and they live in DeTour with Brian and Pamela*. Mr. and Mrs. Stirling and two sons ate buried in Cottle Cemetery.

The first school built in Pickford was on the site of the faim that Mr. and Mrs. Stirling now live on south of Pickford.


Joseph Storey married Jennie McKechnie in the Goderich area of Ontario before moving to Chippewa County in 1880 where they lived near Rosedale until 1887 when they moved to Stalwart. They lived on a farm and in the winter Joseph worked in the woods as a foreman and bookkeeper for the Haynes Lumber Company, east of Cedarville, for many years. They had five children: Hannah, James, Jack, William, and Harry - all lifetime residents of Chippewa County. About 1912 or 1913 Joseph and Jennie moved to Donaldson where they ran the Halfway House. People were able to stop on their trips to the Soo and feed their horses and get meals for themselves. Jennie died there in 1918. Joseph then made his hane with his son, Harry, until his death in 1931 at the age of 87.

HANNAH married Milton Travis from Sault Ste. Marie and they had one son, Elmer. They lived in the Soo and both are deceased. Elmer married Dorothy Smeltzer from the Soo and they have four children and live in Wisconsin.

JAMES married Lyla Kinnee and they live in Stalwart. They have five sons: Mervin, Voyle, Mason, Paul, and Wayne. He and Lyla are both deceased. Mervin and Paul still live on the home farm in Stalwart. Voyle married Mary Markey and they live at Stalwart. Mason married Ruth McLean (deceased) and they had 5 children: James, Shafon, Mary Jane, and Charles. Mason lives with his daughter, Mary Jane Bennin, her husband, Charles, their daughters, Lori and Christy*, and his son, Charles(Chuck). Sharon married Gerald Cottle and lives in Pickford with their children, Cammy and Brent* (Brad died when small). James, Jr., married Mary Ann Stoll and they live on a farm at Pickford with their son, Jason*. Richard married Mary Alice Batho and they live in Pickford. Wayne married Dorrie Batho and they live in Pickford. Beverly married Robert Huyck and lives in Pickford with their daughter, Kelly. Marty is in college and Amy is in high school.

JACK married Mabel Havelock from DeTour and they had 7 children: Evelyn, Hazel, Kenneth, Russell, Roy, Allen, and Gordon. They made their home in the Soo. Jack and Mabel are deceased. They have two daughters, Gail Lynne and Diane Marie. Gail married Victor Ulfich, Jr., from Birmingham, Michigan. He is in the Air Force and they live in the Sault. Diane lives at home and works at the nursing home in the Sault. Hazel married Fred Wilson and lived in the Sault. Their children are Donna and James. Hazel and Fred are both deceased. Donna married William Porter and they have three children, they live in Ann Arbor. James married Janice Fowler and they and their three children (Constance, Kathy, and James*), live in the Sault. Kenneth married Violet LeBeau. Kenneth is deceased and Violet lives in Royal Oak. Russell married Inez Koivisto from Rudyard. They lived in the Sault for a long time and now live in Dearborn. Their children are Harold and Nancy. aro from Sault Ste. Marie, where they lived for some time. They now live in Kalamazoo and have two children, Priscilla and Suzanne. Allen married Adele Brams and lives in the Bronx, New York, with their two children, Kenneth and Rhonda. Gordon married Marie Manganello and they live in the Sault. Their children are June, Bruce, Cynthia, Steven, and John. Roy married Jean Hart

WILLIAM married Stella Kinnee and they have four children: Thomas, James, Cora, and Otto. They lived on a farm in Sunshine five miles from Pickford. William was a lumberman and Stella cooked in the lumber camps in the early years of their married life. They owned the Pickford Restaurant for a few years. They are both deceased. James married Doris Dustman from Flint, Michigan. They live in Pickford, where Jim has been the Pickford Township Clerk. They had two children, Josephine Gail and Mary Lou. Josephine is deceased. Mary Lou married David Snell and they live in Decatur, Georgia, where is an ABC news correspondent. They have one son, Christopher*. Thomas married Pauline Haddix from Flint. They live on the home farm in Sunshine and have three children: Karen (deceased), William, and Susan. Pauline is secretary to the Pickford High School Principal-Robert Howell. Cora married Warren McCord and lives in St. Louis, Missouri. One son, Thomas, is at home. Warren works for the Air Force and is stationed in Greenland. Otto married Frieda Wilson of Pickford and they live on a farm.

HARRY married Sarah MacDonald and they ran a general store at McCarron, Michigan for years before moving to the Sault where they owned the Martin Apartments. They are both deceased. Harry was a schoolteacher and taught at Stalwart and in the Donaldson area. Evelyn married Fred LaMothe from the Soo where they live.


Owen (Eugene) Sweeney was born in Irerand in 1824. He married Mary Green in Ireland and from there they moved to England. Six children were born to them: Patricia, Mary, Dennis, John, James and Richard. Dennis and Patricia died before they came to this country. Richard and Mary died before reaching adulthood. They came by boat from the Soo, the Northern Bele and landed at Stirlingville where they homesteaded a farm now owned by Sam Ordiway. They came to New York and from there to Sault Ste. Marie.

JOHN SWEENEY married Elizabeth Lynch and they had four children: Mary Ann,Helena,(Nellie, now Mrs. Frank Fallon of Gaylord, who has one son, Francis), Eugene, and William. Eugene married Ada Gray (deceased July 10, 1972) and they had four chlldren: Richard, Aaron, Edith and Ethel. The two boys are still living. Richard married Edna Harrison and they have six children. Connie* married Dale McConkey and their children are Beth, Bobby, Brian, and Carol**. Sharon* married Bill Ryan and their children aR David and ICara**. Jimmy* graduated from high school Jack*, his twin, married Kathy Newell and they have one daughter. Patty* is at home. Aaron married Eleanor Morrow and they have 7 children. Eugene* married Kathleen O'Rourke their children are Joey and Gina Marie**. The other unmarried children are Dennis, Richard, Mary, Cindy and Bobby.

William Sweeney married Ada Wiggins and they had two children. William, Jr., married Elaine Conarty (deceased) of Flint and their sons are Daniel, Bruce, and Larry. Violet married Joe Johnson of Louisiana. They have no children. William is now married to Tillie Jacobson of Rudyard.