Martyn Family History

Scott H. Martyn
Chicago, IL  60611

United States Census Records

Census records are grouped by year and ordered by location within year. The format of the names varies by census, however all names begin with a two-character state abbreviation followed by the county name.

Census Records - 1860

Image file    MI_Chippewa_SSM_10 - includes John Ruehle (possibly William's brother), his wife and three sons.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_SSM_15 - includes William and Barbara Ruehle and their son William Ruehle.

Census Records - 1870

Image file    MI_Chippewa_SSM_16 - includes William and Barbara Ruehle and their children William, John, Emma, and Franklin.

Census Records - 1880

Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_40_06b - includes William and Barbara Ruehle and their son William, daughter-in-law Emily, and other children John, Emma, Frank, Maggie, and Minnie.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_40_10b - includes Andrew Blank, a close friend of William Ruehle, and Richard Hoornstra & family
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_40_21a - includes Peter Fountain
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_40_22b - includes three Fountain children
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_40_74b - includes McKiddie family
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_40_75a - includes Robert and Isabella Bawks
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_41_02b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_41_04b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_41_06b - includes Elisha & Sarah Fountain and family, William & Hannah Hunter and family, and Alexander Fountain.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_41_08b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_4_41_14b
Image file    OH_Summit_Franklin_8_171_35 - includes James & Mary Jane Hoy and family plus, Mother-in-law Rebecca Boyle

Census Records - 1890

Much of the 1890 census was destroyed by fire.  As a result, I have found no relevant images from this census.

Census Records - 1900

Image file    MI_Allegan_4_1_06a - includes John Ruehle in the Infirmatory
Image file    MI_Cheboygan_10_21_20a - includes Alexander & Jane Grieve and family
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_13_01a - includes David & Mary Sibbald and family, including their son Andrew, Lorne's father
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_13_01b - includes William & Margaret Nelson and family
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_13_03a
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_13_05a - includes Robert Farney
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_13_05b - includes Henry & Mary Farney
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_13_06a - includes William Bawks and family
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_14_07b - includes Jennet McKiddie and family
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_15_08a - includes Charles & Lillie Fountain and family, Eleanor Hunter, and James Fountain.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_15_09a - includes Frank & Emma Nelson, Thomas & Nora Sims, Thomas & Emma Sims, Edwin & Rachael Sims, Walter & Margaret Sims, John & Sarah O'Brien, and Harry & Elizabeth Sims.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_15_10a - includes Gottlieb & Anna Wahl.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_15_20a
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_16_02a - includes George Leach, a daughter and two grandchildren, Hannah Hunter and three children, including Reuben Hunter, and Andrew & Elizabeth Fountain and their children.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_16_04b - includes Lillie Leach
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_16_05a - includes William & Elilles Wahl and family and Roina Fountain.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_01a - includes Andrew & Catherine Gray.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_02a - includes Robert & Letitia Gray, their daughters Ada and Lula, and Letitia's Mother, Mary Darcy.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_02b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_03b - includes James & Margaret Pennington and their children.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_04a - includes Robert & Elizabeth Roe and their children.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_04b - includes Ashton & Anna Roe, Edward Gray, William & Agnes Batho and family, Arlo & Sarah Sabin and family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_05a - includes William & Rachel Roe and family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_06a - includes George & Mary Roe.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_06b - includes the children of George & Mary Roe.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_07b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_08b - includes William & Christina Watchorn and their children.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_11b - includes Samuel & Marie Roe.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_12a - includes Alfred & Henrietta Roe and family, Oakman & Emily Roe and family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_14b - includes Robert & Isabella Bawks and family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_18_15a
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_19_14b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_19_24b - includes Andrew and Maggie Penney and their children, including William Penney, and a border, Maggie Morrow.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_02b
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_03a
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_09a - includes Albert & Hattie Roe
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_18a - includes Charles & Hannah Speck and their children, including Ada Speck.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_22b - includes Walter Farney
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_23b - includes Elmer Shepley
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_25b - includes John & Agnes Ruehle
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_20_27a - includes Barbara Ruehle, daughter Minnie, Grandson Glenn Martyn, Nicholas & Maggie Morrish, Emma Common, Nicholas' brother Marshal Morrish, and William & Emiline Ruehle and their children
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_21_14b - includes Edmund J. Martyn
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_25_01a - includes McKiddie

Census Records - 1910

Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_17_10a - includes Glenn Martyn with mother Minnie, grandmother Barbara, and others.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_22_13b - includes Charles Pennington and family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_23_02a - includes Reuben Hunter with his mother Hannah and the Rightmyer family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_12_24_05a - includes Alexander Grieve and family.
Image file    SD_Brown_1_53_11a - includes Edmund Martyn and second family.

Census Records - 1920

Image file    DC_Washington_40_48_16a - includes Grace Grieve.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_11_27_04a - includes Andrew and Elizabeth Fountain.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_11_27_06a - includes Charles Pennington and his second family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_11_27_07b - includes Amos Hunter family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_11_29_05b - includes Reuben and Melinda Hunter with daughter Gertrude Pauline.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_11_32_16a - includes Glenn Martyn with his mother Minnie and step-father Mark Shipley.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_11_29_20b - includes Alexander  and Jane Grieve with their daughters Margaret and Elizabeth.
Image file    SD_Dewey_3_46_01b - includes Edmund Martyn and second family.

Census Records - 1930

Image file    MI_Chippewa_17-2_2_2a - includes Reuben and Melinda Hunter and family.
Image file    MI_Chippewa_17-10_2_7b - includes Charles Pennington and second family.
Image file    MI_Genesee_25-60_10_9a - includes Laurence and Margaret Lacey and their son, Edward.
Image file    MI_Genesee_25-68_10_6b - includes Alexander  Grieve living in the home of his son, Fred Grieve along with Fred's wife, Mary and their son Robert.
Image file    MI_Oakland_63-25_14_26a - includes Glenn and Grace Martyn, son Bruce, and Grace's sister Mollie Grieve.
Image file    SD_Dewey_21-24_22_1a - includes Edmund Martyn and daughter.