Martyn Family History

Scott H. Martyn
Chicago, IL  60611

Donaldson Cemetery

Chippewa County, Michigan

Donaldson Cemetery Donaldson Cemetery Entrance
Reuben and Melinda Hunter Hunter
Reuben, 1889 - 1956
Melinda, 1895 - 1990
McCulligh McCulligh
Basil McCulligh McCulligh
Basil Herbert, 1914 - 1967
Levina McKiddie McCulligh
Levina McKiddie, 1881 - 1921
Wife of Herbert McCulligh
Amos Hunter Amos Hunter
1876 - 1941
Donaldson Cemetery

Additional Information

These pictures were taken on a visit to Donaldson Cemetery in Chippewa County, Michigan on July 27, 2001.

Donaldson Cemetery is located on Highway M-129 and 13 Mile Road in Chippewa County, Michigan.   The cemetery is divided into two parts. One side is visible from the highway and the other is across the road (13 mile - dirt road) behind the Donaldson Presbyterian Church.

This Cemetery is well-kept and the stones are in good condition.  It contains some rather old stones, dating anywhere from early 1800's to present.  It is still used for current burials.

Entries in bold text are in my direct line of ancestry. Names in blue provide a link to family information on that individual.

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