Martyn Family History

Scott H. Martyn
1340 N. Astor St., Unit 1608
Chicago, IL  60610

Mount Zion Cemetery

Chippewa County, Michigan

Mount Zion Cemetery Mount Zion Cemetery
David and Elizabeth Brown Brown
David William, 1874 - 1935
Elizabeth Lawerence, 1866 - 1967
William H Eagle William Eagle
Sarah Ann Eagle Sarah Ann Eagle
Wife of William H. Eagle, 1841 - 1918
Carl W Eagle Carl W. Eagle
1923 - 1924
Julia Maud Eagle Julia Maud Eagle
Daughter of William and Sarah, 1884 - 1887
James R Farney James Farney
J Robert and Agnes Farney Farney
J. Robert, 1855 - 1938
Agnes, 1862 - 1894
Mount Zion Cemetery

Additional Information

These pictures were taken on a visit to Mount Zion Cemetery on August 21, 2004.

Mount Zion Cemetery is located on Ridge Road and 8 Mile Road in Chippewa County, Michigan.

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