Martyn Family History

Scott H. Martyn
Chicago, IL  60611

Union United Cemetery

Elgin County, Ontario

Headstone Placeholder A. Fern Mann
beloved daughter of/ Frank and Amanda Quast
Headstone Placeholder Mary Ellen Mann
wife of Elih. Mann
died April 14, 1897, aged 30 years
Headstone Placeholder Ella May Mann
born Nov. 14, 1880, died June 23, 1928
Headstone Placeholder Wm. Mann
Headstone Placeholder Elizabeth Mann, wife of Benjamin Mann
died Jan 4, 1914, aged 74 yrs.
Benjamin Mann
who died March 28, 1891, aged 55 yrs
Headstone Placeholder J. P. Martyn
June 17, 1830-July 5, 1916, A Native of Cornwall, England
Hannah Martyn
Feb. 8, 1834-Dec. 5, 1923
Headstone Placeholder Children of J.P. and Hannah Martyn
Mary Ella, June 19, 1863-Jan. 3, 1892
Courtwright, Jan. 2, 1872-Aug. 27, 1872
Metta, Mar. 22, 1873-Dec. 30, 1874
Dalton, Jan. 27, 1880-Sept. 2, 1881
Helena H. Chamberlain, 1867-1930
Headstone Placeholder John P. Martyn
Nov. 30, 1874-Dec. 28, 1937
his wife, Clara M. Martyn
Feb. 14, 1876-Sept. 8, 1948
Headstone Placeholder Richard A. Martyn
died Mar. 3, 1889, aged 35 yrs
Helen, wife of  R. A. Martyn
died/ Feb. 14, 1900. aged 43 yrs
Headstone Placeholder Arthur L. Martyn
Apr. 17, 1882-Nov. 18, 1960
Headstone Placeholder Evelyn G. Roberts
beloved wife of Arthur L. Martyn
Nov. 17, 1882-Aug. 24, 1931
Headstone Placeholder Mary, wife of I. B. Martyn
died Sept. 1, 1872, aged 86 yrs
Headstone Placeholder Harold J. Martyn / husband
Aug. 23, 1903 - Jan. 2, 1984
F. Luella Parks / wife
Jan. 4, 1906 - Jan. 5, 1981
Headstone Placeholder Martyn baby
Headstone Placeholder Martyn, Gerdi ( WALKER )
died 12 May 1958
Headstone Placeholder Martyn, Gordon Alfred
6 Aug. 1893

Union United Cemetery

Additional Information

The Union United Church Cemetery is situated on Stone Church Road (formerly Colborn Road), one half mile south of the Village of Union, Elgin County, Ontario. It is owned by the Union United Church, and presents an impressive sight with its tall, stately maple and spruce, and well-maintained appearance. It is located on Lot 4, Concession 3, Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, Ontario, (now known as Municipality of Central Elgin).

On June 17th in the year 1850, the Trustees of the Union Wesleyan Methodist Church purchased One and a half acres of land for 15 pounds from John and Pearly Willis. This land could be used for a church site, parsonage or burial ground for the use of members of the Wesleyan Methodist Church. Here the early forefathers were laid to rest.

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