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Martyn Family History


Welcome to the Martyn Family History Website

This site is divided into four main sections; What's New, Family Scrapbook, Family Files, and Location Research. Each section is accessible by clicking on the appropriate menu button above.  This menu appears at the top of all pages within the site.

What's New - this section contains a brief history of the research activities that have gone into some of the information included on this site.

Family Files - this section contains information on the families and individuals in our family tree. It is organized in a traditional family tree hierarchy and contains birth, marriage, death and other facts as well as some documents, photos and stories. Indexes provide direct access by surname and individual. Details on family members still living have been suppressed.

Family Scrapbook - here you will find additional photographs and documents organized by family and individual. The information is organized alphabetically by surname. Details on women are organized by their birth, rather than their married surname.

Location Research - the research I have done has provided information about people in a given geographic location, containing multiple families, family members, and others. These research results are organized by location.

Click on the appropriate button above to begin reviewing the information available.  I hope you enjoy your visit. If you have information to share, please contact me using the contact information at the top of each page.

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2006 Martyn Reunion in Texas 1983 Martyn Reunion in Texas

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