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Scott H. Martyn
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What's New

Extended Pennington Ancestery (May 2022)

I've been able to locate three and four additional generations of the Pennington/Wakely line including Pengelly, Nicholls, Mayne, and Galle surnames.

Join me on GenealogyWise (July 2009)

I've joined, the new social networking web site specifically for genealogy. It provides opportunities for sharing research, photos and more with groups dedicated to any number of family and location topics.

Access my page at

An All New Website (June 2009)

If you've been to my site in the past you'll notice a whole new look has been applied to the site. In addition to the look of the site, the  biggest changes include a more complete set of cemetery details (see the Cemeteries link on the Location Research page).

Let me know what you think!  Suggestions on making the site easier to use are always welcome.

Trip to North Devon, England (June 2008)

My wife and I traveled to Devon and stayed in Clovelly for six days, beginning on June 19th.  While there we split our time between hiking many miles along the Coastal Path and visiting church yards in search of ancestors.  Many pictures of headstones have been added to the site as a result.  Many more will be added over time as I continue to sift through the hundreds of photos taken.

Martyn Family Reunion (July 2006)

In July 2006 a reunion of almost everyone in the family of Glenn and Grace Martyn was held in Texas. 

New Website Search Tool (March 2006)

A new search tool has been added to the bottom of each page to allow you to search for words and phrases anywhere within this site, including the content of Word documents, PDF files, etc.

Research Trip To Chippewa County, MI (August 2004)

In August, 2004 I spent three days in Chippewa county, Michigan researching family history at the county clerk's office, Bayliss Library, with relatives, and visiting many local cemeteries. My thanks to Mary Jane Pennington, Pauline McCulligh and Delores Benson for the time they shared with me.

During the time I was there, I visited a number of local cemeteries and took many photos which can be found on new pages added for  Fenlon Cemetery, Mount Zion Cemetery, North Raber Cemetery, Oaklawn Cemetery, Pine Grove Cemetery, and Rockview Cemetery.

Totally New Website (June 10, 2004)

The entire Martyn Family History website has been revamped. It now includes a great deal more information, access to far more photos and documents and better indexing of the information available. In addition, the site has its own, easier to remember, domain name. The site is now accessed by entering

Great Success with the 1930 Census Index (November 2002)

With the recent release of indexes for the 1930 US Federal Census, I have been able to locate a number of family members in the 1930. The family files have been updated to reflect the additional relationships discovered. In the future, census page images of family members will be added.

Cemetery Research in Chippewa County (July 2001)

On July 27th, 2001 I traveled through Chippewa county, Michigan visiting cemeteries of various family members. I was accompanied on the trip by my parents, Bruce and Donna (Hunter) Martyn, and my daughter, Meghan Martyn.

The journey began with a drive up from my parents home in Gaylord, Michigan. Our first stop was in DeTour Village. After lunch at The Cow Barn (a great find!), we visited Lytle Cemetery, Fairview Cemetery, Bethel Cemetery, Donaldson Cemetery, and Riverside Cemetery.

The next day, accompanied by my wife, Margie (Mahoney) Martyn and our daughter Meghan, I visited the Rudyard Cemetery.