Martyn Family History

Scott H. Martyn
Chicago, IL  60611

"H" Surnames


Hackett, Barbara - see Barbara Martyn

Hackett, Herbert
Image file   Herb Hackett and Barbara Martyn - Wedding

Hackett, Scott Glenn
Image file   Scott Hackett and Jo Beth Everett - Wedding

Hackett, Vicki Lynn
Image file   Vicki Hackett
Image file   Fowler Family Christmas 2000
Front row: Tammy, Ryan, and Pam
Back row: Samantha, Steve and Vicki


Hope, Anne Maria (1888 - 1972) - see Anne Maria Pennington

Hope, Edna Dorothy (1913 - ?)
Image file   Hope, Edna Dorothy

Hope, Henry Russell (1887 - 1955)
Image file   Russell & Maria Hope
Image file   Russell & Maria Hope & children


Hoy, James Patrick (1831 - 1914)
Acrobat file   Hoy, James Patrick - Biography

Hoy, Rose Ann (1869 - 1927)
Image file   Rose Hoy
Image file   Edward H. Lacey and Rose Hoy - Wedding
Image file   Edward H. Lacey and Family - about 1917
Front Row: Laurence William, Edward Joseph, Rose Ann (Hoy), Mary Catherine
Back Row: James Valentine, Patrick Henry and Edward Joseph


Hunter, Beverly
Image file   Lorne Sibbald and Beverly Hunter Wedding
Maid of Honor, Beverly's sister, Donna Hunter
Image file   Lorne and Beverly Sibbald

Hunter, Charles
Image file   Charles Hunter & Donna Hornstra Wedding
Maid of Honor, Charles' sister, Marilyn Hunter

Hunter, Clark Everet (1922 - 1999)
Image file   Clark Hunter & Betty Benoit Wedding

Hunter, Donna Mae
Image file   Donna Hunter - High School Graduation
Image file   Donna Hunter - High School Senior Picture
Image file   Donna Hunter - about 1948
Image file   Donna Hunter - December 1949, working at WSOO
Image file   Bruce Martyn and Donna Hunter Wedding
Image file   Bruce and Donna - Wedding Announcement
Image file   Donna Hunter, with son David
Image file   Bruce and Donna Martyn with their Grandchildren - Christmas 1990
Front Row: Sarah, Phillip, and Bryan
Back Row: Greg, Bruce, Meghan, and Donna
Image file   Bruce and Donna Martyn - 1999

Hunter, Marilyn Joan
Image file   Marilyn Hunter - 1953
Image file   Willie Fredrick and Marilyn Hunter Wedding

Hunter, Melinda (1895 - 1990) - see Melinda Pennington

Hunter, Pauline
Image file   Pauline Hunter
Image file   Pauline & Basil McCulligh - 1967

Hunter, Reuben (1890 - 1956)
Image file   Reuben Hunter-Melinda Pennington - Wedding Photo
Image file   Reuben Hunter and family
Front Row: Donna, Marilyn, Shirley, & Charles
Back Row: Beverly, Melinda & Reuben
Not in Picture: Pauline & Clark
Image file   Reuben Hunter holding Jimmy McCulligh and Dan Martyn
(Jimmy on left, Dan on right)

Hunter, Shirley Jean
Image file   Jerry Maleport and Shirley Hunter Wedding

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